Saturday, March 21, 2009

Faxing with Asterisk 1.6.1 (Receiving Faxes) - Timesaver

If you're trying to get Asterisk 1.6.1 to receive faxes these steps might be all you need for a simple setup:
  • Make sure you have udptl.conf in place, and make sure you're aware of the ports configured there
  • Make sure your firewall will accept udp connections on the ranges you set in udptl.conf
  • sip.conf: In the [general] context: t38pt_udptl = yes
  • sip.conf: In the [general] context: t38pt_rtp=no
  • sip.conf: In the [general] context: t38pt_tcp=no
  • sip.conf: In the peer configuration: t38pt_udptl=yes
  • sip.conf: In the peer configuration: you might need to set canreinvite=yes , especially if you're sure there is no NAT involved. If NAT is involved or might be involved, try nat=yes and canreinvite=no (or canreinvite=nonat)
  • In your dialplan use the ReceiveFAX application instead of rxfax
If these settings look contradictory or confusing, take page from the book of working with actively developed software: Sometimes it just works.

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